Unusual silence!

Well - all I can say is that I've been holding a watching brief since the last General election. Watching the man who won the seat I wanted, watching our MP's who have Ministerial positions. Feeling excited, wary, upset, cautious and ambitious - in equal measure. My immediate reaction to coming second was "Never again" - but, heck, I miss the cut and thrust of politics and I'm arrogant enough to think I have experience to offer - so I'm up for it again!!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Decision time!

....in all sorts of ways!

  • Today's the day that the public make their decision about continuing to support the old "First Past the Post" voting system which has ensured that the majority of the population have never voted for the people who are elected to represent them!

  • Today's the day that the public decide which party they want in power locally to run the business of North Norfolk District Council - a business which has been run very effectively for the past few years by my party - the Liberal Democrats.

  • Today's the day that - in those Parishes lucky enough to have people who will volunteer to stand for election - Parish members can choose who they want to control local decision making, using directly accessible grants - true democracy in the best sense of the word.

other, more personal, decisions must wait until I see the result of the election. That is due at around 4.30am tomorrow - such devotion to civic duty must count for something!!

Watch this space followers and friends - as soon as I know - you will too!!

Off on a final campaign circuit - a bientot!!


Monday, 2 May 2011

Very few days left!

I have had some wonderful conversations with people in Wensum ward. I think that politicians underestimated the voter's understanding of the difference between local and national politics. There is an increasing wish to take real action on the ground - through Parish Councils and other, less formal routes. If local democracy is to take off and David Camerons "Big Society" is to work - as it once did before Margaret Thatcher said there was "no such thing as society" and set about destroying it - then involvement has to feel relevant and valued.
Too many people see little point as "the authorities" have disempowered them by increasing red tape and by the nanny state dictating their lives.
If I am elected on Thursday I will do everything in my power to encourage the Wensum villages to take control of their Parish Councils and other societies. The arrangement of Royal Wedding parties showed that they can do brilliantly when they see a purpose - let's put that energy into local decision making!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Wonderful Spring - let's go for real change!!!

What a great time to be out of doors talking to people - the very best way of finding out what people really want from people like me - a politician, that "dirty word". The system has changed in that the election expenses shame has been dealt with, but it needs further change in order to really clean up politics in this country.

Along with the election for the District Council elections runs the referendum on a new voting system for the UK "Alternative votes" or AV. Along with the rest of my party, I am championing this change in the way we elect our representatives. There is a lot of nonsense suddenly being spoken by both of the large parties who are terrified of AV - now, why would that be? Could it be that they would not be able to count on Safe Seats for themselves, would not be able to count on being elected even though the majority of the people who live in their constituency, division or ward voted against them? Both major parties have Leaders who were elected using the AV system - ask yourself why they want to deny you the opportunity to use it as individual voters.

The vote we all have should count for more than this. We should know that, if our MP or local councillor do not live up to their manifesto promises, we can vote them out. We can achieve political balance and stop the Punch and Judy politics we've suffered for decades - once and for all. Whoever you vote for next month - and of course I hope it's myself, vote for AV in the referendum!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Here I come Wensum!

I feel really keen to visit as many of the villages as I can today - the sun is shining and the birds are cheering me on - even my chickens seem quite jolly this morning. Isn't it odd what the weather does to our spirits? When the sun's shining people talk to complete strangers - it is very British talking about the weather isn't it but....that's what we are!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Early Days

Well - here I am on the campaign trail again - feels easier each time I do it but there's always that "waiting in the wings, heart in mouth" feeling before banging on the first door. We are a select few who are campaigning in the Fakenham area of Broadland. We aim to back each other up and I spent some time in Fakenham South on Thursday afternoon supporting the local Councillors there.We are very short of volunteers to deliver leaflets or help to canvass opinion and if anyone would like an excuse to walk in Wensum's lovely villages just let me know - I need your help!! The villages which comprise the Wensum ward are: Great Ryburgh, Little Ryburgh, Stibbard, Kettlestone, Gunthorpe, Little Snoring and Thursford.

  • The Boundary Commission thoroughly confused people here as, to North Norfolk folk, "Broadland" seems like the Eastern side of Norfolk.

I know the patch well of course as, with the exception of Thursford, I was their County Councillor.

Norman Lamb MP was good enough to come out with me in Great Ryburgh on Thursday evening and was greeted with open arms by people who haven't seen their Conservative MP since the change happened!! Great concern was expressed to us about a planning application which had, inexplicably, succeeded and is certain to be appealed against by local residents whose quality of life will be disrupted by massive earthworks and 24 hour lighting in the middle of what is now wonderful countryside. Will watch this with interest and, regardless of whatever happens on May 5th, will do what I can to express my personal opposition to it! When I campaigned for a Parliamentary seat, using tthis medium to communicate was very helpful - I hope it is equally successful in my campaign for Wensum - let me know what you think

A family photo

A family photo
Sun shining!

Who am I and what's this all about?

Hi - I am a Liberal Democrat, was a Liberal - will always be in this party, warts and all. Lots of us have staggered since the General Election as some compromises are hard to take but, in the end, my beliefs are exactly those of my Party and therefore --- I'm here for the duration (mine that is!!)